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The Puro Trato company

Excellence has been our principle for 25 years

We’re a Brazilian company specialized in animal nutrition. The pet food and animal feed, concentrates and mineral supplements we produce are purchased and recognized for their high nutritional quality. Our industries are located in the city of Santo Augusto, considered one of the cities with the highest productivity of grains of the RS, that is, the products Puro Trato are made with the best grains, giving products of high quality due to its excellent raw material, with focus in meeting the nutritional requirements of the various species.

We’re crazy about innovation

We own one of the most modern industries of extruded products in Latin America. We count on a highly qualified technical staff, so the commitment to the result is one of our basic premises: regardless of the product category the client purchases, the result will be satisfactory. To meet the needs of a more and more demanding market, we keep on investing in production technology, thus developing innovative products for high performance animals.

Dedication that encourages us to grow

We produce more than 150 products which are registered in the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA). We offer a complete line of animal feed and pet food, concentrates and mineral supplements for equine, cattle, lamb, pig, poultry, rodents, dogs, cats and aqua of all stages of development. We count on a highly qualified group of collaborators and that makes the difference in the diverse sectors of the company which is able to serve clients efficiently and fast. We own 80% of the fleet for the transportation of products, and that way we enable premium service logistics.

Meet the Puro Trato Pet Food Industry

Puro Trato knows that pet is love. That is why we have developed our products under the strictest quality controls, with a lot of research and production technology, in addition to the constant monitoring of a team of Veterinarian Nutritionists. This dedication translates into Natural Dog, Pure Dog, Pure Cat, Biffê and Biffê Cat brands, complete foods for the longevity and satisfaction of your pet. Watch the video and get to know the industry in detail.

Our Units
Pelleting feed and supplements industry for production animals - Santo Augusto, Rio Grande do Sul

Angelo Santi Avenue, 1615 – Industrial Disctrict
Santo Augusto, RS, Brazil
CEP: 98590-000
Phone: +55 (55) 3781-3467 / 3781-3476 / (55) 98148-2021

Extruded feed industry for pets and fish - Santo Augusto, Rio Grande do Sul

Alberto Sperotto Street, 65 - Industrial District
Santo Augusto, RS, Brazil
CEP: 98590-000
Phone: +55 (55) 3781-4366 / 3781-3329 / (55) 98110-0505

Distribution Center Porto Alegre

Protásio Alves Avenue, 10572
Alto Petrópolis District
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
CEP: 91260-000
Phone: +55 (51) 3387-0992 / (51) 98186-0441


J A Teixeira Veterinária Ltda. Headquarters: Angelo Santi Avenue, 1615. Santo Augusto, RS, Brazil. Phone: +55 (55) 3781-3467 / 3781-3476
Indústria Pet Food. Headquarters: Alberto Sperotto Street, 65. Santo Augusto, RS, Brazil. Phone: +55 (55) 3781-4366 / 3781-3329